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Design Support for CEM Services

Competitive and demanding markets mean that products are increasing in functionality and, therefore, complexity. On top of this, product lifecycles are typically shorter, so it is imperative that New Product Introductions (NPIs) are right first time. We know that your time-to-market must be quicker than ever before.

When it comes to product realisation and contract electronics manufacturing, a substantial proportion of the end product's total cost is determined at the design stage. As a result, this part of the manufacturing process presents the perfect opportunity to identify improvements that will lead to cost reductions. A thorough understanding of each of the DFx elements will enable the product to be designed and optimised for procurement, manufacturing and test.

Your Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner must not only understand these implications, but they must also be involved in your project from the very start.

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Electronics manufacturing services; from design to delivery...

Once the design process is underway, it is essential to obtain an outside view of the project. This is exactly where JJS adds significant value. Our team will assess the needs of your project and identify parts of the development where you could enhance efficiency.

We can team up with carefully selected design partner organisations to offer a wide selection of value-added services, spanning PCB layout through to full product design. And, from our state-of-the-art facilities in both the UK and the Czech Republic, we're fully equipped to deliver complete turnkey solutions. Design definition, design implementation and prototypes, volume electronics manufacturing, logistics, after market support – you name it, we will deliver!

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