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Design for manufacture

Design for Manufacture (DFM), sometimes called Design for Manufacturability, is the element of the design effort that focusses on producibility in order to enable the product to be assembled most cost effectively in a shorter time frame with superior quality.

As most of the product lifecycle costs are committed at design stage, this is clearly a critical stage in the overall product design process. The concept of design for manufacture may be found across most engineering disciplines, but the specific details will clearly vary according to the manufacturing technologies being harnessed. Clearly getting this right will have an important impact on the product’s viability throughout its lifecycle.

JJS manufacturing has considerable experience in working with customers at this critical stage to help to ensure that their designs are optimised for the manufacturing processes that will be used downstream and that all factors such as component specifications, dimensional tolerances and the required secondary processes are all taken into account. This approach is applied equally to all manufacturing projects that JJS undertake; i.e. PCB assemblies, box build assemblies cable harnesses and cabinet integration

Design for Manufacture has the potential to generate significant improvements, such as:


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Design for manufacture