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From Electro-Mechanical Assembly to   'Mechatronics'

JJS Manufacturing has a uniquely high level of proficiency in non-electronics based, precision mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly techniques (mechatronics). Since 1983 JJS has been manufacturing complex electro-mechanical products on behalf of its customers. Our skillsets have continued to evolve and we feel that the full breadth of JJS Manufacturing's precision mechanical assembly capabilities, often referred to as 'mechatronics,' is unique in our marketplace, offering customers truly integrated contract manufacturing services for highly complex products previously seen as those that could not be outsourced.

Added to PCB, cable, electrical and system assembly, this activity gives JJS a near unique position in the market place, offering customers truly integrated contract manufacturing services.

Precision mechatronics

Precision electro-mechanical assembly

Often featuring a similar number of parts to a PCB assembly, JJS Manufacturing produces many complex mechanical assemblies that demand high levels of skill, precision, accuracy and consistency. The engineering and manufacturing teams at JJS are highly skilled in this type of work. Indeed there is considerable in-house experience of producing mechanical assemblies with such a high level of moving parts that we refer to these as 'machines' rather than 'products.' The awareness of critical engineering tolerances and the use of mechanical tools and gauges is key when producing moving mechanical assemblies of this complexity. Our skills-base even extends to testing of mechanical and pneumatic assemblies. Following rigorous approval processes JJS's supply chain partners for custom parts, such as plastics, machined and fabricated metalwork etc, are monitored closely for quality and delivery performance. Tight control of the material supply chain ensures that, as with electronic parts, the availability of high quality mechanical parts is maintained for timely production.

Lean manufacturing

Interactive electronic documentation, dual-language work instructions and robust variant management controls are just some of the lean principles driving our quality-controlled production lines. We have considerable experience of establishing 'Lean Lines' to produce complex mechanical assemblies that can be dynamically resourced by between 2 to 10 operators depending on live customer demand. Supported by bar-code tracking to provide real time operational information, we operate 24-hour replenishment through a line-side KanBan-based pull system.

Electrical assembly

Many of the assemblies produced by JJS Manufacturing require wire and cable interconnection between boards and sub-assemblies. This can be via cable forms or point to point wiring. As part of our electro-mechanical assembly service we are often called on to produce machines that require critical cable routing in order that the moving parts may function. We also undertake electrical wiring of switch and instrument panels plus sophisticated control cabinets, all essential requirements for many of our customers. Naturally, this activity reflects the same standards of accuracy and consistency as our PCB and mechanical assembly work.

Software control

Control software upload, verification and execution is carried out within the scope of JJS's robust revision control system. JJS Manufacturing can provide historical records of hardware and software revisions for specific products and end users on request.

Bringing it all together

With proven, sophisticated, 'lean line' manufacturing expertise coupled with our postponement manufacturing, configure-to-order (CTO) and outbound logistics (direct-ship fulfilment) capabilities, we can provide OEMs looking for a UK or CEE based manufacturing partner for even the most complex, highly configurable, electro-mechanical products, with a robust, proven solution.

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