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PCB Test & Inspection

JJS Manufacturing is highly experienced in designing and implementing a variety of test techniques to ensuring products are reliable and fully tested – saving customers' time and money downstream by reducing field failures.

We develop sound test and inspection strategies that verify defined product quality and functionality, in addition to manufacturing process integrity.

Our in-depth technical assessment is based on the following considerations:

By assessing the above factors in detail, we can predict the defects most likely to occur in the manufacturing process. By taking this assessment into account, our customers are proven to boost both the cost effectiveness and reliability of their end products.

Since we offer an extensive range of test options, we will provide the most appropriate test strategy for your products.

Find out more about our test services, including:

Our Test Services include

In-circuit test

Although relatively uncommon in small to medium volume manufacturing, JJS offers full on-site in-circuit test, both analogue and digital, with vector-less test. Test fixtures and programmes are also produced on-site. For slightly larger volumes ICT is invaluable as a pre-cursor to functional test, reducing debug time and significantly increasing functional test yield.

Functional Test

Functional test is a core component of the majority of successful test strategies. While it is often possible to de-skill functional testing, it is also often the case that functional test makes the highest demands on a skills base in terms of diagnostics.

Within the Paragon Electronics Group, we have considerable expertise in designing and delivering efficient test and diagnostic solutions. Our experienced and highly qualified test engineers can develop functional test solutions in-house, or work with those provided by our customers. All functional PCB testing is fully supported by extensive engineering diagnostics so you can be sure that tested boards will be totally compliant with supplied specifications. By using functional testing, our customers not only verify board functionality, but also, provide confirmation that the PCB will perform in its application environment.

Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan test is renowned as an extremely rapid test method, equipping manufacturers to debug and programme complex digital circuits. Our team uses cutting edge technologies from the likes of X-JTAG to deliver powerful Boundary Scan solutions.

Ideal for testing boards populated with complex ICs, Boundary Scan processes deliver in-circuit levels of test coverage and diagnostics. Access purely from the board edge, this is an extremely useful and non-intrusive test technology. In addition, most modern devices feature bus technology which effectively creates thousands of test points to test components and interconnections. Boundary Scan testing is the perfect way to identify structural fault locations, even beneath BGAs, without requiring mechanical access to the circuit.

Paragon Boundary Scan benefits include:

Flying Probe Testing

Flying probe testing is a popular solution for manufacturers working with smaller batch sizes. It is also frequently used when fixed test probe access is limited or impractical. A proven method of electronics manufacturing defect detection and prevention, flying probe testing also eliminates the requirement for dedicated fixturing.

Flying Probe Testing uses a set of precision moveable test probes that directly access test points, vias, component pads, circuit interconnections and fine pitch parts. This means the technique is able to replace the need for a mechanical test fixture while also achieving test coverage similar that exhibited by in-circuit test (ICT).

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